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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange, the email, contact and calendar solution delivers reliable, scaleable, next generation groupware for companies and organisations of all sizes. Microsoft Exchange Hosting is an extremely cost effective solution for businesses who want advanced messaging tools without heavy IT investments. Simply connect to our hosting servers for e-mail.


  • FULL Outlook Web Access to get your email when away from your PC – and log in with your email address not just a number.
  • Server stores all your mailboxes (inbox, sent items and attachments) so available for use however you access your email
  • Provides on-line calendar, contacts and notes accessible from any device (including your Windows Mobile 5 device) and you can choose to share with colleagues.
  • Calendar scheduling included for setting up meetings with clients and colleagues.
  • Full support for Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 including the latest push technology – emails are delivered straight to your phone when they arrive at the server. Seriously addictive technology!
  • Intelligent message filtering – decide what you want in your inbox!
  • Out of office assistant. Going away? – don’t panic this will allow you to set up a range of options for incoming mail

 Benefits of using PCS Exchange:

  • 99.9% network uptime – you can rely on your PCS email
  • SPAM filtering – Don’t waste time on unnecessary emails
  • Virus protection – Reduce risk of infection
  • Your choice of domain – Personalise your email addresses
  • Get 1Gb, of disk space per mailbox – remember with Outlook the server is storing Inbox, Sent items and all attachments, contacts, calendars and notes.
  • We back up your data, data is not lost if you lose or damage your PC, laptop or mobile device.


Great Value Pricing:

Only £15.00 per month for each mail box!

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