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Antivirus software are computer programs that attempt to identify, neutralize or eliminate malicious software. The term “antivirus” is used because the earliest examples were designed exclusively to combat computer viruses; however most modern antivirus software is now designed to combat a wide range of threats, including worms, phishing attacks, rootkits, Trojans, often described collectively as malware.

We can check your current Antivirus solution, if we find it to be out of date we can update it or install a tried & tested solution to keep you as safe as possible from existing and newly discovered threats. We can also offer advice on what to look out for so that you can make informed decisions about how you run your network. We can supply & install antivirus solutions from as little as £35* per year per machine.

We can also supply specialised Router equipment giving you the option of filtering internet usage as some threats can be transferred via instant mailing software & by browsing to certain websites. We can also put in place email filtering software which can remove Spam & Viruses before they even reach your computers giving you another layer of protection.


*subject to site survey, Antivirus solution can be offered as part of a Service Contract Package, all prices plus VAT at 17.5%.

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