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CCTV Systems

There are a number of benefits of having CCTV Installed at your Premises.

  • View cameras 24 hours a day from any network connected device anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile App alerts when motion is detected at the installation location. 
  • Cameras can have deterrent value.  
  • Tripwire & object detection functions.
  • Safe guard yourself and your property.
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week recordings if needed.



At PCS we strive to provide our customers with affordable high-quality CCTV equipment. To achieve the best results we install high quality industry standard solutions. We will visit you and offer a bespoke solution based on your requirements.

All cameras are high-resolution, currently up to 4K, and have infrared built in enabling clear images to be captured even in zero light conditions.

We have access to a number of specialised suppliers and can provide HD Pan Tilt Zoom cameras and cameras that can capture number plates in all lighting conditions.

We offer our customers assistance to setup mobile apps and can setup DDNS if required. 

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